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GC2IT can provide a wide range of consulting expertise in the areas of Command & Control (C2), surveillance and reconnaissance, intelligence access and analysis, as well as integrated architectures used in the Joint Force today. Whether you are looking for insight into requirements for future systems or integrating current fielded systems, GC2IT can provide one-stop-shopping for whatever your needs.

Specific areas of expertise include digital data links, gateways, multi-level security devices, and Command & Control systems at both the tactical and operational levels.

Engineering Support

Building the widget, although challenging, has a beginning and an end; maximizing the tactical application of the engineering principles involved is a continuing process of adaptation for a dynamic environment. GC2IT has a proven track record of providing invaluable insight during the system engineering phases to ensure that not only initial end-user system requirements are met now, but systems are poised for future applications. GC2IT strives to break the mold of the current acquisition model that does nothing more than promulgate obsolescence.

Subject Matter Expert

The professionals at GC2IT have broad backgrounds and liaisons throughout the warfighter community. Our team is able to reach across service lines and put the right people on task to fulfill the most challenging customer requirements. Our subject matter experts average over 25 years of real world experience within their respective disciplines and have the ability to provide insight from the warfighter’s perspective.

Integration Support

In the current asymmetric environments the phrase, “It’s all about the data,” could not ring louder. However, moving to a true net-centric capability requires the application of unique principles and methodologies to bring stove-piped or disparate systems to a logical hub for true system integration. The experts at GC2IT have developed and led cutting edge methodologies to get the right data to the right place at the right time using existing capabilities. We may not have built the box, but we will make it better.

Test & Evaluation

Test & Evaluation has been a core capability since the company was founded. Our efforts in T&E have been focused on test execution and data analysis, with emphasis on joint service capabilities. We have a track record of success in providing joint operability solutions for Combatant Commanders.


GC2IT is available to provide cradle-to-grave training, courseware development, or integrating TTP for all core disciplines provided.

UAS Integration

GC2IT is a Teammate and Prime Contractor for work with the Nevada Institute for Autonomous Systems (NIAS). NIAS is a state sanctioned non-profit organization leading Nevada’s Program Management Office (PMO) overseeing the execution of the FAA UAS Test Site supporting the US Congress and the FAA in integration of UAS into the National Airspace (NAS). Existing state resources such as Special Use Airspace, exceptional flying weather and multiple airfield locations over sparsely populated areas provide an environment for accommodating everything from small low-speed aircraft to supersonic vehicles and puts Nevada at the top of the list for researching, developing and testing the latest in UAS technologies.

The NIAS-PMO has embraced GC2IT as a lead integration company because of their UAS expertise, test and evaluation past performance and leadership in the State’s endeavor to become designated as one of the Nation’s six integration test sites.

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